Member Events

Part of being healthy is having fun along the way! When you’re a Community Member, you’ll be the first to know about all kinds of events. Some events are open to the public. Some are just for Members and their families. Read the event details carefully. If an event is for Members only, you will be required to show your Member ID before entering the event.

Place your mouse over each event on the calendar to see the class description.

Marketplace Member Education Class

We offer this class only in English. Attend at either our Houston or Beaumont Community Cares Center. Sign up on our Member Events Calendar.

Diabetes Classes

We offer English and Spanish classes in Houston and Beaumont! Sign up on our Member Events calendar.

Childbirth Classes

We offer a FREE, one-day Childbirth class! We host at several locations in the Harris Service Area.
Go to our Childbirth Class page to see the schedule and R.S.V.P.

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